Vintage Linens for Holiday Gifts

Looking for a unique one-of-a-kind (OOAK) gift for the person who has everything? Vintage linens are the way to go. My studio is filled with vintage linens of all sorts, from doilies to bedspreads. Once word got out I collected vintage linens, grateful women bestowed upon me their family heirlooms, thankful that someone would be putting them to good use. One of my earliest crushes is also one of the simplest…

…the Vintage Handkerchief.

As light as a feather and generally sized at a petite ten inches, the vintage handkerchief is probably the easiest of linens to use and one of the most treasured. If you have not inherited some or already started a collection of your own, don’t worry, you can easily find them. Try your local antique shop or, what I like . . . grab a large cup of coffee, a couple of girlfriends and haunt your local flea market. For as little as $1 (cheap, right? well…let’s call it thrifty) you can find one that suits your style. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. We can take care of that.

Once you get it home you’ll want to launder it. Pop your new finds into a bucket of very hot water into which you’ve added a dollop of laundry soap (I prefer Myers brand) and a dash of Oxyclean. Let them soak for at least one hour after which you’ll want to hand rinse in running hot water. Squeeze out as much water as possible and then, using a clean white (preferably) towel, lay the hankie on the towel, roll the towel up, and step on it.  Yes, step on it!  This will gently remove most of the moisture enabling you to air dry your hankie in no time.

When your hankie is dry, or better yet when your hankie is just about dry, iron it. The remaining moisture will help steam out any wrinkles.

TaDa! Your freshly laundered hanky is ready for its new life!


Upcoming blogs will feature items from the following list.  Be sure to stay tuned!

As always…made with love. ~Barb

  • Balsam sachet using Grandma Moses fabric
  • Table Runners
  • Fabric Tree
  • Coasters
  • Patchwork blanket
  • Inspirational Sachets
  • Woolen Wreath
  • Pot Holders
  • Holiday Banner
  • Embroidered Runner

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