Repurposed Wrapping . . . Have Yourself a Greener Holiday


I adore wrapping paper…the colors…the designs…the store displays.  They work their magic and woo me as I pass through the shops.  If I so much as walk near Paper Source, I feel my heart race and my hands perspire.  BUT…as a lifelong tree-hugger with a reduce, reuse, recycle kind of mentality, I force myself to stop.  Visions of crafty supplies…rescued ribbons, vintage fabric scraps, saved pompoms dance through my head.  I have a hoarder-like style of saving everything, well, you just don’t know when something will come in handy, do you?


So…into my studio I go to collect accessories that fit the season or occasion… left over wrapping paper, fabric scraps, buttons, ribbons (I even once saved a student’s rejected watercolor and turned the paper into hangtags).  Not only do I save a bundle (to spend on rescuing more vintage items) but I created a unique OOAK (one-of-a-kind) gift.



Save a tree this holiday season and have yourself a greener holiday!

As always…with love, Barbwrapping4


2 thoughts on “Repurposed Wrapping . . . Have Yourself a Greener Holiday

    • Wonderful! Nice to hear from you Pillows A-La-Mode. Those would be some bows people will remember! (Another use, much less fun, but…you could gather it into a ball, wrap it with a rubber band and voila … pot scrubber! Like I said…much less fun.)

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