What happens when you stop taking pictures, and use words to capture a moment instead?

Good photography and I mean GOOD photography is a work of art.  Capturing more than just the moment to convey feeling and tell a story is not for the amateur “Iphoneographer”.  As a visual learner, I enjoy seeing so many people pay attention to their surroundings (well, except when their surroundings are themselves…grrrr…selfies!)  To be a great photographer takes time and skill, however, the moment is only as poignant as the viewer is patient;   a tough sell in our fast-is-better world.

A moment crafted with words expands time.  A well-written story leads a reader deeper into the moment adding dimension unlike any other art.  The reader is gently guided with the interplay of words, sounds and punctuation to explore the writer’s world. The senses are awakened…sights, sounds, touch and even taste come together to create a picture.  The possibilities are endless.